PRSA’s Tactics

Alert the media. I’m going to say something nice about PRSA. 😀

PRSA’s slogan/tagline on their publication, Tactics, is “Advancing the Profession and the Professional” … it is the second part that I believe they do best.

Yes, you’ve read my criticisms of PRSA leadership and the mistakes they’ve made in dealing with various controversies/scandals.

Well, here is one of my many praises of PRSA. Yes, I do believe they do many things right.

Tactics is their print newsletter/magazine. In tabloid format published monthly, the issues tend to run about 32 pages. I really like this publication. Colorful, nice layout, most is well written and contains many quick tips. It is USA Today for PR. (OK, I’m stretching. But, the publication is nicely done.) It is a valuable resource – especially for students. A quick read and easy to follow. It will get your attention and give you just enough to search further on issues which tweak your interest.

This month, their spotlight is on ‘Internships’ and there are three articles: Adding an intern to the equation, Become more than just an intern, and the main story: Maximizing student productivity.

Students, if you wish to see the issue, come by. It is well worth the read. I’ll even show you how to join PRSA and subscribe to Tactics. Two things I believe you should do.