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Lookie here … The search engine blogs continue to proliferate. Ask Jeeves Blog. “…Kaushal Kurapati. Some of you might know me as JeevesGuy.” (Source: The Blog Herald)

Is RSS so popular now that media outlets are branding products for reading RSS feeds? Yes. Check out The Guardian’s NewsPoint RSS Reader – a branded reader. (Source: PoynterOnline)

My students are now Skype enabled and we’ll be using it in future class projects.

Comments are now enabled in the blog of Margot Wallstrom. Wallstrom is Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication for the European Commision. Her stated purpose is to “open up a dialogue and debate with the citizens about the future of Europe and its institutions.”

I think her blog is the most impressive of all public official blogs. She has been keeping a constant flow of posts going – averaging two per week. This one is a blog to watch.

Andrew Sullivan, A-list conservative blogger, announces he’s cutting down on blogging. The Blog Herald calls it ‘blog burnout’ and wonders if this will be the blog term of 2005.

The Kansas City Star (registration required) brings us news of Read Cuban-American relates exile experience on Web log.


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