Sony Pays $25,000 A Month for Gawker Blog

Visit the $25,000 baby – Lifehacker. Actually, with a three month deal, the ‘baby’ is worth $75,000 – initially.

New ‘LifeHacker’ Focuses on Personal Gadget Software
January 31, 2005, By Kris Oser

NEW YORK ( — Sony Consumer Electronics e-Solutions Group is the exclusive sponsor for the launch of LifeHacker, a blog that goes live today about the software of personal gadgetry by Gawker Media, according to the online company.

The Gawker/Sony deal between a leading blog and a global marketer marks a new milestone for the commercialization of blogs.

Also see this in yesterday’s Adrants.

Now, to see if this outlives the brief run of art of speed which was written about here previously. Different type of site altogether, but yet another Gawker launch effort.

(Edit: Sorry for the screaming all caps headline. I’ve changed it. I was using the Firefox “JustBlogIt!” extension/plugin and it copies the headline as is from the site. Forgot to edit it earlier.)


0 thoughts on “Sony Pays $25,000 A Month for Gawker Blog

  1. Jeremy

    This isn’t the first Denton/Gawker blog to be sponsored by a corporation. When Jalopnik first launched, it was sponsored by Audi, and now it’s sponsored by NY Times Auto section.

    It’s a smart money spend, IMO. It’s not a Sony-oriented blog, but a blog about cool things sponsored by Sony.

  2. Robert

    I agree. It probably is a good buy. Heck, I’ve seen PR firms sell CD-ROMs for clients at $15,000, so $25K for a blog getting this much buzz is a steal. 😉 Gawker will send traffic to the blog.

    Just wonder what is next. With GM’s two blogs, Boeing and Sony now doing some sort of blog and Sharp doing their Aquos “MoreToSee” effort (although inactive now), the medium seems to be opening up to more commercial efforts. Nike and Serco have tagged onto Ben Saunders, too.

    I’m sure there are others.