Susan Molinari and Ketchum

Michael Meckler, of sends me this note regarding former Republican Congresswoman Susan Molinari and her involvement with Ketchum. See this previous post in his blog. No direct involvement between Molinari and the Williams contract has been revealed.

Although his blog is called ‘’ it does not necessarily have a ‘Red State’ point of view. Read the first four critiques and observations of his blog on EatonWeb Portal. Ignore the fifth as it is comment spam.

Remember, no information as to her direct involvement, if any, in the Armstrong Williams affair has surfaced, but an interesting spin on the story. Molinari was apparently on the ‘HardBall’ program and Chris Matthews did not ask Molinari about the issue. Perhaps he didn’t know she worked there? Doubtful. Perhaps ‘HardBall’ is going soft? I don’t know. All we have is questions right now.

This Google search leads to many pages on Ketchum’s site regarding Molinari.

Molinari was twice elected to congress and “she was selected by GOP Presidential candidate Senator Robert Dole as Keynote Speaker at the Republican National Convention in San Diego.” (Source) So, she surely has inside-the-beltway status.

It would be interesting to learn if she was, indeed, involved in any way with the contract.

More questions and congressional hearings may be coming. The story moves on.