Steve Crescenzo has some funny “Corporate Hallucinations”

Very funny post in Steve Crescenzo’s blog. “Are you network-worthy?”

I won’t ruin it for you. Go see for yourself.

Students, as we do our lil’ “blog networking” thing here, have you asked yourself the question above?

Steve’s comments made me ask myself. I don’t know. Probably not for many people. I, like him, don’t answer emails, sometimes. I’m hard to reach sometimes. I will, of course, try to always answer you. 🙂 You’re important to me. Others, sometimes even when they are doing favors for me, I’m still slow to respond. That’s bad.

Don’t know how many people I know that would be seen as ‘valuable’ to many people. Hmm? I’m actually starting to get a little depressed. 😉 Well, at least they are valuable to me!

Anyway, you really need to get on the networking bandwagon. And do it with sincerity, too.

There are some ‘networking tools’ on the web, like Plaxo. But what about internet/blog related networking tools? is a social bookmark networking tool. Your blog is a networking tool.

Go out. Comment in other people’s blogs and (usually) you will place a link to your blog in the ‘contact info’ area. The more you comment – sincerely (don’t spam them) – in other people’s blogs, the more likely you’ll make contact with someone of like-minded interests. Use any, or all, of the links in the lefthand column of this blog and you’ll eventually find someone.

A Google search for “business networking tools” … some are great, some are really not that good.

OK. Get going. Network.


2 thoughts on “Steve Crescenzo has some funny “Corporate Hallucinations”

  1. Steven Phenix

    For networking, have you heard about LinkedIn? (Go to:

    It works on the whole 6 degrees of separation thing. I use it for new biz development all the time. You wouldn’t think you’d be able to reach a CEO who’s four degrees away, but it works. I think I have maybe 140 or so contacts that I’m connected to and through their friends and friends of friends I have over 800,000 reachable connections in my network.

    Check it out and if you want to play around with it, send me a note and I’ll send you an invitation to join, as it’s invitation only.

    (I know this comment reads like I work for LinkedIn. I don’t, I promise! It’s just a really cool, effective tool that’s turned me into an advocate.)


  2. Robert

    Thank you, Steven. I appreciate you mentioning LinkedIn. Yes, I have heard of it and should have given a better list of all those other options.

    Thank you, too, for the offer to try it out. I’ll write to you in a bit.

    😀 Hey, I believe you don’t work there. When someone feels strongly about something and wants to help spread the appeciation for it, we are glad to hear from you. Your input is valuable to us.


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