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It is actually a ‘group blog’ with these other senators participating, too. Sen. Dick Dever, Sen. Thomas Trenbeath, Sen. Tim Flakoll, Sen. Tim Mathern, Sen. Tom Seymour and Sen. Tony Grindberg. Each has their own categories. This link seems to be the one providing all posts in one thread.

Sen. Tim Mathern (D-Fargo) and His Blog

On January 1st, North Dakota State Senator Tim Mathern was packing his bags for the trip to Bismark and his first session as a state senator. He had done some foundation work for his first session. He launched a blog. A WordPress blog. He is writing about his experiences . . . sort of a daily (or every other day) journal of what’s happening.

Not that big of a deal, really. Nothing particularly earth shattering in his blog. Just interesting to see a legislator using a blog CMS to post messages to constituents. Comments are enabled, though. 🙂 (Source)

Sister Juliana Wisnewski commented on a State Health Care bill. And Margaret Bitz quoted what “Pope John XXIII said in 1963 in his PEACE ON EARTH encyclical”. Tom Seymour posted a note saying he couldn’t log into the blog. Well, that’s because they have disabled registration, but did not take it off the template. “chuck” commented to complain about his “low pay scale”.

But, my favorite is the first post and the 1st and 3rd comments. Bot spam! Yes, you guessed it. 🙂 Online poker and phentermine. Priceless.

UPDATE: More ‘Dakota’ political blogs may be found here – South Dakota Politics.

“This is just a long internet blog. It is not an official mainstream media site.” – KELO co-anchor Angela Kennecke

Glenn Reynolds says: “FORGET TOM DASCHLE’S BLOG: The South Dakota Politics blog is where you want to go, if you’re interested in, well, South Dakota politics. And hey, who isn’t?”


2 thoughts on “Tim Mathern, North Dakota Legislator Blog

  1. Jeremy

    I’m wondering if the next big group to embrace blogs are politicians. I have found 3 political bloggers – one that linked to me – and how they are using their own blogs to tear down their opponents and build themselves up in an open dialogue.

    Interesting and creepy at the same time!

  2. Robert

    You’re probably right. A perfectly unfettered access to the public … they can moderate comments …. what a way to bypass the press and create their own persona.

    Yes, they’ll probably do it.

    Love to see the others you’ve found. I saw a reference to about 6 UK MP/politico bloggers in Neville and Shel’s “For Immeidate Release” blog … can’t remember where they are, though. There is a MP Blog Aggregator being discussed. See this link, too.

    I don’t know how many people are reading these blogs, but – given time – and enough mentions in the politico’s mailings, etc… they could develop a following.

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