More Youth Driving Blogs…

Today, Steve Rubel highlighted one of my favorite bloggers – Elliott Back.

Elliott, ever the enterprising and inquisitive blogger, has created a bit of research into blog names. Read What do YOU call your blog?. This relates to marketing and public relations. Naming of products is an involved research project. It incorporates sociology, anthropology and much more, too. Well, this is Elliott’s study into the naming of our products – blogs.

My favorite part:

Quickly coding a solution in C#, I wrote a program to tokenize the blog names by whitespace and punctuation, and place the resulting words in a hashmap for counting purposes. This gives a tab-delimited (paste into Excel!) text file of words used in blog titles and their frequency. Here’s the top 10 breakdown:

Hey, sure … just a lil’ C# script here and pasting there … 😉 You really should look at his work. Very impressive.

I noted, in a previous post, that there are many young (under 25) individuals creating all sorts of Web content platforms. Sadly, I neglected to identify an even larger group – plugin creators. These are the individuals that are developing add-ons which give power, functionality and enhanced user options to these CMS platforms. Elliott is one of them. Check out his list of plugins for WordPress (the blog CMS we’re using). I count seven that he either wrote or co-developed. Once again, Elliott shows his mettle. I love being impressed by students. Really do.

Think about it. What do his efforts say? He’s curious, inventive, eager to explore … just one ‘average Cornell student’, as his blog used to say. 😉 If Elliott doesn’t understand something, or sees an intruiging idea – where others see nothing – he goes out ‘in search of…’

Elliott always has something interesting to share. This hilarious collection of 1983 Bill Gates “Teen Beat” photos is easily worth a trip to his terrific blog.


2 thoughts on “More Youth Driving Blogs…

  1. Elliott Back

    Whoah!! Thanks again for the kind words, Robert. I know you’re a PR and marketing guy, but really–you could be my agent. I really like how you touch on (what seem to me) as random highlights of my website and pull them together into a cohesive whole. Maybe after a few more English classes here I’ll be able to string words together like that…

  2. Robert

    😀 You’re welcome, Elliott. And thank you for the compliment, too.

    Hey, I’ll gladly be your agent. I see the day coming when you won’t be Photoshopping your image onto Bill Gates. You’ll be the one being profiled by a magazine. No kidding.

    Take care.

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