CorporatePR: Towards a New Communications Model

Students, I really want you to visit Elizabeth Albrycht’s blog – CorporatePR – and read all of her posts. Seriously, from beginning to end. She’ll be your best Female PR Blogger Role Model, that’s a promise. Actually, she’s as good as anyone one out there – better than most – by miles. Sadly, there are too few women in PR blogging.

I just want you to especially read her blog because – well, let’s face it – all but two of you are women (Shout out to Justin and Jonathan). You need to see a great example to follow. Elizabeth is your best bet!

Especially look in on her adventurous voyage Towards a New Communications Model

I am working on a framework definition of the model, but briefly, I am trying to re-read Marshall McLuhan, taking his idea of “implosion” and combining that with Donna Haraway’s idea of “situated knowledge”, plus work from Jurgen Habermas on communicative rationality, Bruno Latour on Actor Network Theory and Richard Rorty on neopragmatic conversation, and many others.

See how I worked that into class. 😉


2 thoughts on “CorporatePR: Towards a New Communications Model

  1. Elizabeth Albrycht

    What kind, kind words! Thank you so much — but now I really have to be an FPBRM! Seriously, however, you are correct in that we really need more female PR bloggers out here. If I can help in any way, I will. I will certainly be stopping by your class blogs from time to time.

    I am very curious how you worked my model musings into your classroom!

  2. Robert

    Hey Elizabeth,

    You are welcome. Hey, I meant every word. And, we have all noticed that their are very few female PR bloggers. My classes are so often 100% females. This semester we are very proud of our two token males. Cheers for Justin and Jonathan. 😉

    I’ll let you know how the communication theory musings go. We meet for the first time after that posting tonight. We’ll look at them then.

    Take care and best wishes with your NewCommForum!


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