Amen! to NatterjackPR’s PR Opinions: PR is more complex than media relations…

PR is more complex than media relations… Amen!

Shel Israel and Robert Scoble are in the process of putting together what look’s like an interesting new book called the Red Couch, which aims to provide business people with a guide to blogging and business.

Their blogs accompany the project and both are posting interesting content. Students, go check them out, please.

Be forewarned, in their blogs you mayfind references to PR as ‘press relations’ and, as we’ve discussed, that’s too narrow a view. First and foremost, Public Relations stretches far beyond that myopic view. Practitioners work with investors, analysts, staff and the local community. Those (and many other aspects of PR) are ignored people define PR solely as media relations.

As you have seen, we will discuss this in class. It bothers me. 🙂