Kudos to Jeremy Pepper!

Much deserved recognition and praise for Jeremy Pepper of Musings from Pop! Public Relations blog by Jay Rosen. “Jay Rosen is a press critic and writer whose primary focus is the media’s role in a democracy. A member of the (NYU) faculty since 1986, he is the current chair, and teaches courses in media criticism, cultural journalism, press ethics and the journalistic tradition, among other subjects.”

PressThink: Bloggers Are Missing in Action as Ketchum Tests the Conscience of PR: “The one exception was Jeremy Pepper’s blog, with three posts that counted. He showed up, along with one blogger who is also a player in the industry.”

On the same day the story broke in USA Today, Richard Edelman, head of the largest independent PR firm left (Edelman, with 1,800 employees, 40 offices) denounced, at his weblog, the Ketchum contract, which he called “pay to play.” He said it “takes us back in time to the days of the press agent who would drop off the new record album and $10 to the deejay.”

Jeremy in the same company as Edelman. Yep, makes sense to me! In fact, let’s turn that around. Edelman in the same company as Jeremy. 😀 Good job, Jeremy!