Is your company’s domain (brand) safe? Are you sure?

The Great Domain Robbery of ’05

Interesting read and links. I didn’t like the new ICANN rules and think that most ISPs, hosts would be wise to lock all customer domains (for free – not charge to do it). This is a good way to build loyalty. Look out for your customers. Check it out if you have any domains registered.

Opinion: Not too long after ICANN changed the rules, a domain thief has stolen several domains. Have the new rules already failed, or have the registrars failed their customers?

A lot of people lost e-mail, access to Web administration and even their porno accounts over the weekend. Yes, it was a momentous and stressful couple of days.

Several domains were stolen, including, the home domain of Internet service provider Panix, the oldest ISP in the New York area (or so they say about themselves). This particular thievery is what raised most of the attention, because Panix customers who use a e-mail address stopped getting their mail