Catherine Helzerman :: Communications Wiki

Communications Wiki :: Forums and more. Nice site, great idea. Check it out!

California’s Catherine Helzerman has launched the Communications Wiki

  • Tips for new PR pros
  • recomendations – agencies, companies, etc.
  • User List – add your name to the list…create a user page
  • create your own section
  • Getting around the wiki ..registering, etc.

Check out her blog, too. It is Helzerman’sOddBits. Not too odd, but lots of good ‘bits’. 🙂 For the wiki, she is using TikiWiki, by the way.


One thought on “Catherine Helzerman :: Communications Wiki

  1. catherine helzerman

    Hi. I have an update on this one. I’ve found that there are already some excellent communications wikis out there and in the works, so I have decided not to persue this project.
    I have however launched a communications blog and directory where folks can sumbit their site and review others. If you’d like to check it out, go to

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