Walmart launches

Shel Holtz posts about the Walmart site I have been looking for since Nov. 10th. It has launched! WalMart’s

Alison Stateman first wrote of the pending site in PRSA’s ‘Strategist’. I was hoping for a blog type of format, I know – unrealistic, and right now it is no where near that … save the weak ‘Talk With Us’ page.

Still, here is an example of the world’s largest company, not just ‘any’ large company, using a CMS portal to try and start a conversation – well, more like launch a defense. I don’t know why, but I have hopes that they might go a little further with this. Sure, if they do some sort of real ‘conversation’ the comments would be moderated. Too risky to leave it wide open, but consider the boost they ‘might’ get from an open conversation.

Right now it is more of a large scale promo/recruiting/”we’re defensive”/newsroom site.

Yes, they do have bits about the more touchy issues addressing the company. Give them credit for taking a step in the right direction.

I agree with Shel. This one is a site to watch! 🙂 Check it out at


4 thoughts on “Walmart launches

  1. Jeremy

    Woohoo! A one-way street dialogue from a company that needs to be open.

    I love being talked to, and talked down to. And, that’s how I felt when I read the site.

    Leave it to Walmart to do it the wrong way in an era of blogs and communications.

  2. Robert

    😉 OK, well … a guy can hope, can’t he? I really wish they had been bold and gone with the blog. So, I used their comment form and suggested they do just that. I’m not holding my breath.

    Their stores have a powerful impact in our state’s communities. And, yes, some of those impacts are not too pretty. Also, we have one large distribution center in our sister city, Opelika. Big employer. I’m trying to remain hopeful for ‘two way’ communication. Still not holding my breath, though.

    Go ahead, call me naive. 😯

  3. Robert

    I agree. You’re right. GM gets it, to a large degree. WalMart does not. But, I cannot help but keep hope alive that they will make a turnaround and do at least a ‘moderated’ blog type format. I’ll keep dreaming.

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