Welcome and Thank You to MarcomBlog Contributors!

I truly appreciate the kind volunteerism and ‘mentoring spirit’ of the following great PR bloggers.

Please give a big War Eagle! welcome to the five MarcomBlog PR/Marcom pros.

MarcomBlog.com: This site features five volunteer PR practitioners from the following cities around the globe:

Octavio was the first volunteer. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Octavio. 😉 And the others, too.

Read their bios. Regarding their locations, see MarcomBlog for more. All of them volunteered to participate. They are involved in blogging and in various high profile conferences and online activities. Two examples are NewCommForum and PRNewsWire’s ProfNet ExpertWiki. There are others. You’ll have to visit MarcomBlog to find out more.. 🙂

The sites they are participating on are MarcomBlog, MarcomWiki, and a new site (they don’t even know about it yet) 😀 MarcomBlog CivicSpace. I just set that one up.

Thank you, gentlemen!

Now, to find some women bloggers. Hint, hint! Wink, wink! Nudge, nudge! Any volunteers? Was that plea too obvious?


2 thoughts on “Welcome and Thank You to MarcomBlog Contributors!

  1. Robert

    My pleasure, Octovio. Always glad to help. Thank you for your participation here and at MarcomBlog. Take care!

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