Construction Company Blogger :: Small Business Tactic

From CNBC: Meet Ray Cox and staff at Northfield Construction Company.

Filled with photos, personal insights about his family/kids, travelogue (trip to NYC), and even product comments – this blog is such a fun example of small business getting in on the conversation/connection with their audience/customers.

Ray looks cool, too. I like how he has weaved a personal conversational tone into his discussion of current projects. Take his Cannon Falls City Hall project. Simple comments about the job and, he even uses the blog to praise employees with “a good “Atta-boy” to the Northfield Construction Company Site Superintendent, Mike McKeag. Mike has done an excellent job managing the project.”

Always thinking ‘merge the blog to finding new customers’, Ray has implemented a “send this message to a friend” function on each page.

Cool blog. Nice work Ray! Check it out.