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Podcasting: still, new, still niche, still in the purview of innovators/early adopters – but, lots of buzz. So, what of the value?

adrants’ relatively new forum is beginning to offer ‘some’ interesting conversation threads. (Free Registration Required.) Currently, they have a good thread on podcasting.

For me, the value of podcasting is personal and professional. Content like Shel & Neville’s “For Immediate Release” will prove helpful to students (and me). The podcasts enable students to hear discussions, by pros, about topics that they would never have ‘heard’ before. Plus, you have the added potential of interacting with the pros via their blogs/email.

Some of the discussions, interviews and seminar recordings at IT Conversations offer insights into PR/Tech that my students would, again, never have been able to ‘hear’ firsthand. I must admit I will edit some of those (mostly the seminars) and play excerpts for students. No harm intended. Those podcasts are great, but they can be a lil’ windy, at times. 😉

If writer Amy Gahran, and other writers, offer a reliable stream of tips and examples, I can see students and educators using these as alternative, or supplemental, content for classes. Can we get Bob Bly to podcast? How about David Murray?

Today, Neville writes, “Marqui could re-define marketing and PR.” His post references a podcast, too. This is a good example of what Mark Wieczorek calls the “first podcasting infomercial. And what is it about? A content management system and the power of blogs for corporations.” The podcast is a interview with Stephen King, CEO of Marqui, by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central. He is one of Marqui’s paid bloggers and identifies himself as such in the podcast. That is great content to learn from through critique, i.e., transparency, ethics, value, tactics, channels, etc. (The podcast MP3.)

All of these uses could be especially true after building up a library of clips and organizing them with the syllabus.

It is one thing to read about it. It is another thing to ‘hear’ the source talk about it. Podcasts of this sort can be a powerful ‘easy’ supplement to educators – in time. It already is available in significant quantities, but you have to do some ‘mining’ for content.

Some excerpts from adrants forum:

Chris Toombes posed the question in adrants’ Soflow Forums BETA.

Does anyone see Podcasting being used to increase buzz or extend the viral reach during 2005 or do you think this is far to new to make much of a noise at the moment? Has Podcasting got any potential in this space?

Igor Beuker notes there is buzz and writes, “we believe iPods (and thus Podcasting) are in still in stage of the innovators.”

Jim Coffman predicts “a glut of Podcasts with users overloading their devices with stuff they don’t even want. So unless there is more filtering on the part of the Podcast portals, its gonna be too hard to manage for the average blog reader/listener unless they subscribe to blogs directly.” He also offers a web-based audio player alternative, K-AMP player & MEDIA manager.

Justin Kirby “can just see those agency Powerpoint presentation with some ((ahem)) about how they know all about Podcasting and how this is the next big thing. They probably use words like DNA too.”


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