Post-pourri :: BSkyB, Non-Profits, Predictions, The Devil, Pitching Blogs and Citizen Journalism

What I’ve read and wanted to share, but stashed away in the ‘drafts’ file … now, here they are in ‘clippings format’
Post-pourri :: Some old, some new

  • Tivo changed the rules (see previous post) and now BSkyB is doing the same. “TV revolution spells ‘end of ads’ – The way we watch TV could be transformed under plans being developed by satellite company BSkyB for a service which would allow viewers to avoid adverts.” Technology is changing all sorts of rules. I wonder how litigation will ultimately solve this? Probably for the content providers.
  • Always on my mind, ways to encourage some non-profits to take up blogging. This is the one market segment that I believe has not grasped the value of conversations. Just look at all of the conversations occuring re: Tsunami Aid. Perhaps an outcome of this disaster re: blogs will be a recognition of the power of starting one.

    For instance, service providers (like Easter Seals, Children’s Hospital, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.) could score so much buzz from a blog featuring conversations between providers/care-givers and recipients of their goodwill. Yes, it would take time in a field where workers are already over-worked. Yes, there is the worry of negative feedback. So what! There is value there!

    Just the beginnings of a list from Nancy Schwartz: Should your nonprofit launch a blog? – How to Put Blogs to Work for Your Nonprofit organization.

  • More predictions: Andrew Lark: Ten Ways Communications Will Change In 2005… – Andrew Lark has “taken a shot at a few predictions for 2005 – with a particular bent towards communications and blogging.” I liked these. “Death of advertising” – I do not buy it, but the landscape is changing.
  • Squirreled away, I found this old “The Devil Made Me Do It” from Jeremy Pepper’s blog. Read the ian (Blog) Bargain. A cautionary tale with good advice. Technology (the blog) could be the devil. In this instance, the devil is having the PR department get in the way.
  • Very Good Article: Pitch Blogs with Caution Blogs. To pitch or not to pitch? Well, it depends on your definition of pitch.
  • Citizen Journalism: Should bloggers start identifying themselves as bloggers when they talk to people? Oh, and can we have one of those ‘credentials badges’ and a sticker for our cars?

    Seriously. Hey, reporters do it [((ahem)) sometimes] to assure interviewees know they may be quoted. In Australia, for instance, reporters are urged to “…identify themselves and their employers before obtaining any interview for publication or broadcast.” And, “Use fair and honest means to obtain material. Avoid misrepresentation and use of concealed equipment or surveillance devices.” (The Alliance)

    The International Federation of Journalists encourages “honest collection and publication of news”.

  • So, I ask you … are you ‘concealing your blog’? 😉