Jeremy Wright’s eBay Payoff

eBay Blogger Auction Sparks Blog Consultancy, PR Web Press Releasae

It was a great idea. I said then that I would have bid, given the resources.

These guys are good! “Webloggers Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright launch corporate blog consultancy, InsideBlogging. Vancouver, BC and Winnipeg, Manitoba”

Vancouver, BC and Winnipeg, Manitoba — The eBay blogger auction closed December 6, but the calls are still coming in. Veteran bloggers Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright auctioned off their corporate blogging services on eBay, generating a well-publicized bidding war. With 39 bids placed, the duo has since launched InsideBlogging (, a consultancy for businesses who want to embrace the blog revolution. Demand has been high for InsideBlogging’s services, with a number of customers announced and more deals in the works.

“Corporate weblogs and sponsored blogs are coming online at a staggering rate. Companies are beginning to recognize that without a blog they’re missing out on an effective way to communicate directly with their customers, establish themselves as an authority in their industries and dramatically improve search engine results,” said Wright.