Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales ‘does’ have a blog!

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has a blog after all. (See previous post).

Thanks to Sj of Wikipedia who found my blog and shared all sorts of great info.

We all need to blog with Jimmy. Go over and comment. Give him encouragement. Not a lot of posts there yet, but those that are there are good. Really. A good read.

Hey, he’s a busy guy. Looking at his travel plans shows you that he’s all over the world.

Here’s hoping he keeps up the blog. I’ll enjoy reading it and I can share it with my students, too! 😉

Update: Uh, check that … it is now gone. 😦 Bummer. Why do I feel responsible? I comment in the blog … post about it here … tell others about it … then, it is gone.

Now, you are greeted by Wikia, Jimmy’s attempt at ‘search’ using Wiki technology. Wikia is “where wiki community meets search technology.”

Well, I hope Jimmy comes back to blogging. Many could benefit from his insights.