Wal-Mart’s ‘Target’: A Salvation Army save

Oh, it just keeps getting worse and worse for Target: WorldNetDaily: Wal-Mart’s Salvation Army save. “Breaking news late Thursday: Wal-Mart announced that it will nationally match dollar for dollar the proceeds of all Salvation Army red kettles beginning Thursday through Christmas Eve.”

Update: Here is a Target Corporation’s Position on Solicitation at Stores:

Target Corporation provides generous support to communities in many ways, donating more than $2 million each week to neighborhoods, programs and schools across the country. Nationwide, our team members volunteer hundreds of thousands of hours to nonprofit organizations. Target Corporation is committed to giving back to the communities in which we do business.

Such a good corporation, with such a bad PR contingency plan on this one issue. Sad to watch. But, it will blow over in a few weeks, I imagine.


5 thoughts on “Wal-Mart’s ‘Target’: A Salvation Army save

  1. Kepster

    Wal-mart to the Rescue. Wal-mart’s “Save” for the Salvation Army is a laughable PR ploy at best. Associated Press has reported that $8.8 million of the $93 million raised last winter by the Salvation Army kettle workers came from Target store locations. Wal-mart says they will valliantly match donations to the kettles in front of thier stores…up to $1 million (as if that would “Save” TSA’s campaign).

  2. Robert

    Hey Kepster,

    Gee, is that your real name?

    How interesting that two comments about Target (on two different posts, with different IPs and relatively anonymous posters) have come – almost back to back – in support of Target.

    Have you met Sally?

    Kepster, I appreciate your comment.

    Perhaps the point here is that Target put themselves in the position to have WalMart take advantage of the situation. One million dollars is still one million more than Target game them this year, now isn’t it?

    For you and Sally, the discussion here is more directed toward Target’s poor handling of the situation rather than the fact that they banned the kettles.

    Just want to help you put it all in perspective. I look forward to more comments from you and your friends.

    I hesitate to think that Target is just now getting around to answering these critiques in February – two months after the controversy. But, I’ll go look at other blogs to see if perhaps there is a planned response (albeit late) to the controversy by ‘someone’ out there.


  3. Robert

    Yes, Joe, you are correct. It is from four months ago, hence the date of 12/17/2004.

    ‘Joe’ surfed here from the Saskatoon Board of Education ( and is – I’m guessing – using his library time to surf the net.

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