New Contributors to MarcomBlog & Wiki!

Just a quick update. I’m grading (almost done) but wanted to announce the good news!

We have two contributors to the MarcomBlog and Wiki. Welcome Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña (Spain) and Guillaume du Gardier (France).

Yesterday, Guillaume du Gardier of PR Planet graciously offered to join our sites and contribute. Located in Paris, France, Guillaume is founder of PR Planet. He also blogs at PR Thoughts.

Guillaume initiated and also co-organized (with Elizabeth Albrycht from Corporate PR) the upcoming in the US and in Europe.

Two weeks ago, Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña graciously offered to join us in this endeavor. He is a consultant with Weber Shandwick in Madrid, Spain.

Recent topics of interest from Octavio include: enterprise communication, search engines: the true power of the internet, and Blog advertising. A published author in Spain, Octavio is completing his first PR textbook, too!

Octavio and Guillaume’s bios may be viewed at the MarcomWiki’s Contributors page. I have watched both of their blogs thanks to the translation plugins available through Firefox extensions, Google Translation and Babel Fish Translation, to name a few.

I appreciate Octavio and Guillaume’s offer of help. Volunteers are greatly appreciated! Our students will benefit from your involvement. Thank you, Guillaume and Octavio, for joining us. 🙂

If you are a PR/Marcom practitioner or educator and also interested in participating, please look over the MarcomBlog and Wiki. Then, comment here and we can set you up with accounts on each site.


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  1. Megan

    :grin:i’m so excited for you an your new Wiki contribution!!! just wanted to say hi! and let you know that i will continue to read your blog!!! and maybe even upkeep on my own blog! :razz:j/k….really…i’m going to blog still!

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