Blog Wiki PR Intervention :: I need one

Wikis and Blogs.

WordPress, PmWiki and MediaWiki are so easy to install and implement on a wide variety of servers. For educators alone, the ease of operation makes these babies a priceless set of tools.

I’ve become ((ahem)) a little obsessed with them.

What follows isn’t even good enough to be a first draft, but I have to start somewhere.

Now, I have the following sites set up (ok, all are up, but the ‘skins’ for one are still on the way) and being prepared for next semester. I hope, over the next month, to have them ready to go for students to maintain and operate as a part of their class exercises.

The following are ‘ideas’ and they are open to critiques by anyone. I will deeply appreciate any and all comments and suggestions you may offer. Please, I’m begging for input here. 🙂

MarcomBlog Wiki

Tentative ideas for implementation:

  • seek out more international PR/Marcom practitioners to contribute articles
  • student exposure to a wider scope of PR/Marcom issues is the goal
  • students research and post (in the wiki) international examples of PR/Marcom blog and wiki usage

PR Topics Blog (this is the one with new ‘skins’ being developed.)
UPDATE: The site is now up and running!
PR Topics Wiki

Tentative ideas for implementation:

  • invite (weekly, if possible) new pairs of guest authors to write about related topics
  • student exposure to employer expectations of new grads and what these employers expect you (the student) to have done in preparation for the work world
  • students research and post (in the wiki) links to – and contact info for – internship programs in PR firms, non-profits and government agencies

AU PR Blog – Temporarily Down for prep.
AU PR Wiki

Tentative ideas for implementation:

  • the blog will be a group blog for the Intro to PR students – all students will blog at least once a week on PR related current events and their expectations for a career in PR
  • writing is the goal … students should be writing every day, if possible, but I’ll start with the realistic blog entry of once a week
  • the wiki will need to be one collaborative class-wide or groups project(s) … still working on that one

He sez, She sez Blog

Tentative ideas for implementation:

  • this blog, as you will see, is really designed to be a two-sided conversation (male/female)
  • it is also for Intro to PR … I just checked and the whole class is female. So, how about each lady finds one male in the PR profession and interviews them. Then, she writes her own perceptions of that career path in her side of the blog
  • a second writing exercise could be to interview male friends and get their perceptions of the PR field … then, write her reaction to these perceptions in her side of the blog
  • the class is their first exposure to PR, so perhaps they could write two brief biographies (one male/one female) of practitioners past and present

There is one other wiki. It accompanies this blog. AuburnMedia Wiki – it’s mine, all mine … and I will be taking this initial post over to the AuburnMediaWiki to further develop the ideas/syllabus on this page.