PRSA Transparency … a good move

From O’Dwyer’s PR/Marketing Communications: Historic First for PRSA (Registration Required)

Release of the names of the delegates and their votes was a first for PRSA, which this year, for the first time in its history, had not even published a list of the delegates for anyone to see.

Now (edit: or may be soon), the leadership of PRSA is ‘decoupled’ from the APR certification requirement. This means that the leadership may now draw from all members. Some say that leadership will be diluted by younger, inexperienced members. Well, maybe some new leaders will be young and maybe they will not have attained the APR certification. So what. Diversity is good. PRSA must now make the APR certification more than the ‘key’ to a seat at the PRSA Assembly table. Certainly, the accreditation is already a valuable prize to pursue. I’m not knocking it. But, it has been used (intentionally, or not) to dilute the voice of the majority of PRSA members in leadership decisions. That is never good. Kudos to all who fought for the change.