Great New Zealand Toy Store :: (NBR)

Great New Zealand Toy Store :: National Business Review (NBR)

The Great New Zealand Toy Store is a micro-business — an internet store operated by a home-based sole proprietor, Auckland-based Julie Landry.

(For Ms. Landry) and her backer, husband Kevin Mains, an investment banker by trade — (they made) an early decision to rely heavily on a technology partner for keeping the website running — and reliance on tools they already knew in order to operate the business.

That relationship offers critical value, giving Ms Landry the ability to update her online catalogue easily from her home computer and to know instantly whenever an order is placed — and what any order does to her inventory.

“We had a large order recently from a woman in Texas,” she said. Some of that order was not in inventory — so she immediately called the craftsman who makes the toy. “He told me he’d be able to finish and ship the order over the weekend,” she said, “so I called the woman in Texas and explained the situation.” The order went through — and by personalising the customer relationship, Ms Landry gained inestimable goodwill.