Greedy Girl – Viral Marketing Via Email is for Sissies

Very interesting post re: email marketing. The up side, it could bode well for online business. The down side, will spam move to RSS? Well, if it does – you subscribed to it. However, the real down side is – so few people have adopted RSS feeds and feed readers. Think about it. 2% of online is blogging. Sites are still more static than dynamic. It will take time. Opensource is the current salvation for business and non-profit entities. But, how long will it take for those to dive in?

Greedy Girl – Viral Marketing Via Email is for Sissies
Viral Marketing Via Email is for Sissies
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Seriously. Up until a month ago, I was very lame about holding on to my opt in lists. But, I started to realize that email really is dead. I have tried everything to get whitelisted. And eventually, my stuff ends up in the junk / spam folder. Yup, even if it’s double opt in. Yes, even when I’ve made contacts with people at major companies like Yahoo!

The fact is, I’m just one girl running several businesses. I don’t have time to screw around with email marketing anymore.

So I did something radical and a bit scary. I stopped soliciting new subscribers via email. I switched everything over to RSS. If you don’t have an RSS reader, then you won’t get marketed to by me.

And what happened? Tons more viral success and a good bit more money.

RSS Feed adoption issues: