Fraser and Fatal Flaws :: 2004 Election Recap

Ya’ know, if we could just get Fraser P. Seitel to come out of his shell. 😉

See Nov. 9, 2004 JOHN KERRY’S 10 PR FATAL FLAWS. (Registration Required)

And, yes, if you haven’t guessed – I have subscribed to O’Dwyer’s. For my students, if you would like to look at articles, just let me know. I’ll login and you can read at the computer. (I hope O’Dwyer’s doesn’t get mad.) Anyway, you can read while I grade your tests/projects. Uh, right.

Anyway, your grades will be coming along later this week.

Also, here are the remaining available lab hours. Read on:

Wednesday, Dec. 1st: 3-5 PM (through 7:45pm if seats are available)
Thursday, Dec. 2nd: 12-2 PM (5:00 through 6:15pm if seats are available)
Friday, Dec. 3rd: Noon-4 PM
Saturday, Dec. 2nd: None available.
Sunday, Dec. 5th: 2-6 PM (Note additional hours.)
Monday, Dec. 6th: 11-5 PM (through 7:45pm if seats are available)
Tuesday, Dec. 7th: 5-8 PM
Wednesday, Dec. 8th: 5-8 PM
Thursday, Dec. 9th: 5-8 PM
Friday, Dec. 10th: 9-4 PM

If seats are vacant during my classes, you may work quietly at those computers. As always, students get their choice of computers during ‘their’ class times.

PRCM 4020 Final Projects Due at end of the day on Friday, Dec. 10th.

All others due Monday, December 13th.