2 Bloggers :: For Sale :: on eBay

First, how I would love to win this auction. The three months blogging would fit perfectly into a semester. Jeremy Wright’s ‘ensights’ (sorry) would be so valuable to the students. So, if anyone out there wants to be a sugar daddy/mommy and win this auction and donate it to our university… we’ll love you for it!

Jeremy could start using this blog (which I’ve set up for use in ‘Intro to PR – PRCM 3040‘) and we could be off and running. Absent a lucky windfall re: the Jeremy Auction, perhaps I’ll ask a group of PR pros to take up the task this coming Spring semester. ??? Any takers? And, no – I won’t ask ‘this’ Jeremy. He’s already been too kind and done so much. Besides, I have other things to ask of him. 😉

Now, what am I talking about?

Blogger for Hire – Start or Improve Your Blog

Jeremy Wright, Ensight, is selling his services on eBay. Ensight is “A business and technology blog written by a business and technology die hard. Made popular by being the first blog sold, the Google IPO and Lemmings Online. Kept popular by viewers like you.” (The bidding Ends Dec-03-04 07:00:52 PST.)

What do I get with this auction?

This auction allows you to utilize this blogger for 3 months. He will produce between 5-10 posts a week. In addition, the blogger will work with you to see what potential there is for blogging for you and your company – in effect acting as a blogging consultant for you for the period.

And, Jeremy is a good guy. Another blogger took up the effort and Jeremy is helping to promote him, too.

Another Blogger for Hire

Darren Barefoot, another prominent business and tech blogger, is also auctioning himself on eBay. What’s the difference between us? Darren is more marketing oriented, I’m more business and technical. So, find the blogger that’s right for you! Here’s Darren’s auction. Hopefully we both end up with a fair rate for our consulting and writing. (This aution Ends Dec-06-04 21:54:30 PST)

This is a pretty cool tactic by Jeremy Wright. His blog, and more importantly, his future endeavors are going to gain tremendous free PR through this auction.

The winner will receive value for their bid. Michael Specht has, perhaps, the most persuasive argument for placing a bid.

Jeremy Wright from Ensight is auctioning himself on eBay as a blogger for hire. I notice that I could buy him right now for US$5K and get his services for 3 months to provide 5 -10 posts per week. So lets do the math. Over 13 weeks I would get at a minimum 65 posts at the top end around 130. Therefore each post would cost me between US$76-US$38. Now if I was a corporate blogger this starts to become a very attractive proposition. Good luck Jeremy!

Oh, to have the funds to bid and win. I’d do it in a heartbeat.