Test Drive Advokit 0.9.8

Test Drive Advokit. Get a feel for how it works. You assign (or volunteers self-assign) tasks. The database keeps phone/mail contact info. Assign teams/team leaders. Mobilize canvassers, facilitate person to person to fundraising, Respond to requests for services from the field, Phone Volunteers – and more.

“Tools for a New American Politics” But, it is not just for politics. To just use this for politics would be too narrow in our thinking/adopting process.

I believe that PR firms supporting non-profits and advocacy groups (and others) should strongly consider this opensource CMS. It is very powerful. It can mobilize a campaign in ways unheard of prior to the “Dean for America” campaign. Centralized data – de-centralized access. Via the internet, workers/supporters can access tasks and news for implementing all aspects of the campaign.

Example: Corporation A is being hit for some issue in a city or state. Do youwant to mobilze your employees to counteract this pressure? Do you have stores/outlets in numerous neighborhoods/cities? Advokit will help you mobilize those resources.

  • phone banks calling influential leaders
  • letter writing campaigns
  • turning out supportive crowds for meetings

The options are numerous.

Please chime in with your ideas of how this tool could work in any number of instances.