Sadness at our university

This is really a personal post about two recent deaths in the Auburn family. I just thought that some students would want to know about these incidents.

English teacher dies at 48

By April Jo Love
Campus Editor
November 11, 2004

William Barber Bancroft, a professor in the English department, died Nov. 5 while teaching his 8 a.m. world literature class in Haley Center.

After suffering from what appeared to be cardiac arrest, students attempted to administer CPR, said Lt. Willie Smith of the Auburn Police Division.

How horrible. The students from that class are in shock. I am told they tried so hard to help him. A friend’s husband is now covering the class. It is a sadly surreal experience, I am sure.

And, again … sadness strikes. A former student of mine, Margaret Robertson, lost her sister last week. Elizabeth passed away from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Elizabeth received two degrees from Auburn. She was a terrific student – won many awards and was in many honoraries. Her activity level on campus (and in the classroom) is the type you hope students will learn from and emulate. Elizabeth was a role model. She leaves behind a 5-year old child. It is so sad.

Margaret was in my classes. She is one of the most wonderful students I’ve ever known. She, too, is a role model. Margaret always did well in – well, everything. The Robertson family seems so loving and close knit. Margaret’s creativity and exuberance for exploring new subjects and technologies is inspiring. She is also a strong young woman. Yet, I know this has crushed Margaret and her family.

I’ve met with, and spoken with, people from The Plainsman (Auburn’s student paper). They will likely do a story about Elizabeth this week.

I hope all of you will keep a prayer and good thoughts in your heart for the Bancroft and Robertson families.