Whoa! VOIP calls – through your cordless phones? … seems like ‘quite’ the innovation.

Are there other instances of this? I’ve never heard of something like this before.

Siemens Sells Skype Adapters For Wireless Phones
Posted by timothy on Friday November 12, @02:01AM
from the whaddya-know dept.

prostoalex writes “In a recent Slashdot story on Skype CEO interview some comments expressed displeasure with the fact that you have to be tied up to your computer to make those VOIP calls via Skype. Not anymore – this adapter from Siemens plugs into the USB port of the computer and allows Siemens Gigaset S645, Gigaset S440/445 or Gigaset C340/345 phone models to use the Skype connection instead of landline. News.com has the story.”

This kind of functionality will make Skype a very desirable purchase. Since Siemens is involved (and not some ‘hack’ creation) this makes Skype’s value soar, IMO.

Downside, for now, is that the adapter is “available only in Europe for now. The Siemens Gigaset M34USB adapter is $129.” Well, you could make that difference up in lower phone bills. The price should come down as it is adopted.