Multimedia Production: Check out ‘Skype’

After our test of NetMeeting and discussion of the other versions of online conferencing and IP telephony, etc.

Please check out this blog post re: Skype’s CEO, Niklas Zennström

November 09, 2004
Skype’s CEO on the coming communication revolution

Engadget today published (J.D. Lasica’s) interview with Niklas Zennström, the CEO of Internet phone company Skype.

While most people still haven’t heard of Skype, they will. This is a revolution in the making for telephony. College kids are the first wave of users to discover the joys of long-distance and international phone calls — for free. The fact that it’s legal makes it all the sweeter.


One thought on “Multimedia Production: Check out ‘Skype’

  1. Jeremy


    If any of you want to Skype me, it’s jspepper

    I’ve been using it for a few months now. I like it, especially when I was making a lot of calls to London for a pitch, and to touch base with a friend that just moved there.

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