Cultures … ours isn’t the only one …

Well, I had a ‘moment’ recently. Jeremy Pepper responded to my post about Lee Gaither’s visit.

The comment led me to an interview/article with Jeremy, PR Fuel: Don’t Ignore The Melting PotBy Ben Silverman .

This observation by Silverman struck a nerve:

Thinking about this topic has caused me to take a look at my own media list. The entire list is comprised of reporters at mainstream media outlets. There’s no one at any Spanish-language publications and no one at media outlets that target African-Americans. No wonder I haven’t gotten any ink in months.

Well, I immediately realized that I have let you all down. I have only a few links to blogs authored by people of other cultural backgrounds. It was one humbling realization.

I’m just starting to remedy that, but it will take quite awhile. Look in the blogroll for ‘Market Segments – Culture’ to see just a sampling of blogs/sites that will help us read about PR/Marketing and other disciplines/issues as they relate to minority groups. A discussion in class is on the way. 🙂 A further search is underway, too. Any suggestions of sites/blogs will be appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Cultures … ours isn’t the only one …

  1. Jeremy

    Catholics feel guilt. Jews make others feel guilty. Today, I did my job to balance the universe in guilt. 😉

    Seriously, though, I took the TV One post and his coming to Auburn as your way to show your students to think beyond traditional media to cable channels that target various demographics.

  2. Robert

    😆 You did a good job! 😉

    True, that was part of the reason for the post … along with saying thank you. Lee is a very nice guy.

    But still, I feel I haven’t done enough. I thought about it and – yes – I have written about these issues some. However, I haven’t been exposing the students to those other information sources. So, I can remedy that. 🙂

    Thanks Jeremy.

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