Kevin Dugan: Emerging Corporate Blog Models

Great article and commentary at Kevin Dugan’s “Strategic Public Relations Blog”:

Strategic Public Relations: Emerging Corporate Blog Models

The oft-linked auto blog examples in my last post brought me back to some thoughts on where blogs might fit into public relations strategies. So in honor of GM getting its blog on, here are my Big 3 Blogs.

Intranet Blogs: An internal blog represents one of the best ways to learn about blogging by doing, while avoiding some of the risks. It sits behind the firewall and you have a more forgiving audience if you misstep (hopefully). This is particularly the case for small- to medium-sized companies.

I’m creating one to disseminate marketing news to my company. It will be easy to maintain/update and it will eliminate the need for a print vehicle. I%u2019ll keep you posted on how the project goes. Thanks to internal communications guru, Shel Holtz for his insight here.

Read on for the other examples and comments …