Podcasts: recorded by customers and added to customer reviews on sites like Amazon

An excellent idea for adapting the ‘podcast’ technology to consumer sites. From Shel Holtz, we find:

Unscripted audio reviews via podcast.

A Web site dedicated to role playing games (RPGs) has introduced podcasts of its audio reviews along with clips of unscripted gaming sessions. The concept introduced by RPGMP3.com could easily be applied elsewhere — say, any company wanting to offer reviews of its products or services. Take Amazon.com, for instance. Why not let reader-reviewers upload their audio reviews and make them available as podcasts? You could subscribe to reviews of all mysteries or all books by a given author, for instance. Companies, on the other hand, could make short clips available of people using their products. Just as RPGMP3.com let users download “unique Audio Reviews (of) roleplaying games unscripted,” Mazda, for instance, could include clips of a driver test-driving the car. Better than a fake blog, in any case.

The audio recordings would be much more powerful than the written word re: inflection of the voice, emphasis, more enjoyable (sometimes) to listen to, offer special opportunities to visually impaired surfers, and more …

Do you think any sites will adopt it? No. At least not for awhile. But, we’ll see.

I wanted to do this same kind of thing with a radio station site. The station would allow listeners to upload comments, song requests, etc. The things you hear DJs playing in set breaks. Did the station do it? No. And they deal in audio. Go figure. The radio station thought, “No one has that kind of technology” and “No one will want to do that”. Uh, yeah. Right.

What do you think? Other applications of ‘podcasting’ in consumer sites? Tell us about them.