Philippines PR War

Court battles dispute the election results … er, no – not in the US … in the Philippines PR War. Honest. There’s a General and everything. Gen. Honest “Honest’ Isleta.

By Larry V. Sipin of the Manila Times

PR men’s PR war

My old friend Jones Campos has come a long way.

Jones was a greenhorn public relations assistant at the pioneering Eastern Telecoms—at that time Malacañang’s telecommunications service provider for then President Cory’s overseas trips—when I gained his acquaintance in the eighties. My impression was that Jones, the silent water type, had no future in the PR industry where you don’t get anywhere if you’re not flamboyant, as personified by the leading PR practitioner of the time, the late glitzy Adi Sison.

Jones, now chief of Globe telecom’s corporate communications, was recently elected president of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), the country’s top PR professionals recognizing his leadership.

Great, but now to the ‘war’ …

There’s a minor problem, though—Winston Marbella, the immediate past PRSP president, refuses to let go. Actually, that’s not a problem. The votes in the recent PRSP election went 100 percent for Jones and his slate, so what’s Marbella croaking about?

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