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Bloggers – A Simple Guide to the A-List Bloggers. Uh, I guess I should point out that this is a ‘parody’ of their writing styles. 😉

Weblogs Compendium – Blog Tools

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Micro Persuasion: CNET Gets Serious on Blogging

    Rafat Ali has the full scoop. CNET is getting serious about blogging. It has hired one of the founders of the popular WordPress blogging software.

Blogger Knowledge

    Blogging Your Novel (Part Two)
    October 26, 2004

    Last week we introduced you to the NaNoBlogMo challenge. This week, we’re getting into the nitty-gritty. Graham has got a bunch of ideas for using Blogger to publish your novel. Ready, set, go!

The New York Times > Advertising: Madison Avenue Ponders the Potential of Web Logs

    Published: October 27, 2004

    WEB logs have had an astonishing season this year, enough to freckle the faces of bloggers who do not, as a rule, get much time outdoors.

    Although political blogs have received the most attention, advertising agencies and communications professionals are using blogs to create discussion about ideas within their industries.

    Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners in Sausalito, Calif., produces a blog, Influx Insights (www.influx.bsands .com), that includes discussion of video game marketing. Yellowfin Direct Marketing in Boston has commented on the politics of emotion and the art of client service on its blog, A Fine Kettle of Fish (www

    Urban Advertising in New York has a blog on industry trends, Urban Intelligence ( /intelligence).

Adrants: Marketers Can No Longer Ignore Weblogs

    Intelliseek CMO Pete Blackshaw says marketers can no longer ignore weblogs as powerful influencers and commenters on their brands. Every claim made by a marketer will be shredded to pieces by what is now becoming “citizens media.” If a marketer makes a claim, they had better well be able to back it up one hundred percent.

Marketing Playbook
Bits, Books, Blogs and Brands – Living Beings, Not Dead Objects

Recently, I talked to two bloggers I respect a ton (Scoble and MacLeod) about our book. Sure it was flattering that they both liked the book but what was really interesting was that these seperate conversations both launched into parallel, very intesting discussions about where technology, media and brands are going. And that these same themes seem reflected in numerous synchronous discussions around the blogsphere. Rex Hammock’s Weblog

Blog pitching: If I were a book publisher, here is a proposal I’d snap up yesterday. Hugh MacLeod is using his weblog, gapingvoid, to pitch a book that expands ideas on “How to be Creative” that he’s explored there. Friends, I would think in the book biz, this is what they’d call a no-brainer.

rexblog bumper music: I Could Write a Book (Harry Connick Jr.)

Blogs: much ado about very little

      By Frank Barnako (of CBS MarketWatch) * see comment about CBS MW ad policy below
      Investor’s Business Daily: Breaking News

      Investor’s Business Daily: Breaking News

      … In a recent week, traffic to was almost 650 percent greater than that of the most popular such blog.

      HitWise‘s rankings of half a dozen blogs tell a very quiet story. The most popular site,, accounts for.0051 percent of Internet visits each day. (HitWise only reports the percentage of visits to sites/categories versus all Internet visits, or market share, Kalehoff said.) was second with .0027 percent. Even the profane and popular, profiled in The New York Times, Time and the Washington Post, limps in with .0011 percent.

      The key to blogs’ popularity in the media is not the number of readers, it’s their quality. “Their collective influence seems to be because a few (writers) have become political insiders and are successfully reaching other key, intensive niche audiences,” Kalehoff said.

    (* Note: This from a ‘portal’ that sells a ‘pre-entry’ full screen advertisement to Aboslute Raspberry Vodka. At least they offer a ‘bypass’ link to the site. I hope they got a premium for that, because people seeking CBS MarketWatch will see that the site’s visitors are less important than the site’s ‘ad’ content. Why do I say this? Has anyone ever appreciated receiving a blatant full page ad when seeking something else? It would be like opening your folded WSJ and seeing a front page / full page ad before seeing those many familiar and comforting columns of grey.)