Contentious: What Is Podcasting and Why Should You Care?

Podcasting. It needs a new name? One that is not tied solely to the iPod. It can be done from MP3 players, computer, PDA, (cellphone?) and more…

Well, perhaps ‘pod’ is to audio player as ‘xerox‘ is/was to copier. Of course, the ‘xerox’ tag depends upon how old you are. 😉 In the south, ‘coke’ means any soft drink. I don’t know. ‘Pod’ is too young. It is too early to tell what place ‘pod’ will take in the lexicon. Personally, ‘pod’ makes me think of ‘Body Snatchers’. 😉

From Amy Gahran’s blog, Contentious, we learn more about: What Is Podcasting and Why Should You Care?

    Gahran writes, “The good news is that I think it holds considerable promise for creative, diverse, and useful audio programming that can serve a wide variety of audiences and purposes. The bad news is that it’s saddled with a rather unfortunate name: podcasting.”

In a nutshell, podcasting is simply online audio content that’s delivered via webfeed. (Background: What’s a webfeed?) Think of it as radio on demand. However, it gives you far more options in terms of content and program style than radio. While the field of radio has generally settled into few established types of programs, podcasting reflects more of the variety that is available on CDs.

and …

What can you do with a podcast?

The options are nearly infinite. So far, most podcasts emulate the kind of audio programming we’ve grown accustomed to in the radio world: music shows, talk shows, commentary and analysis, etc. So far there isn’t too much news content in podcasting – but this fields holds many interesting possibilities for journalists and news organizations.

And, a long string of suggestions follows in her post. Go read it.