Subliminal Koolaid … go ahead, have a sip! a nice site …

Dateline: Spokane, WA
A new blogger takes their first sip… then, draws a weapon! 😉

    The first little sip
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    Having just gotten up this morning I sit at the computer to check E-mail and find waiting for me a note explaining how to use my new Blog page. There it is….directly in front of me…an electronic styrofoam cup of sweet smelling brightly colored liquid that I’ve been told to drink. Whether it’s the pungent odor of overly sweetened Kool-aid or the charismatic charms of the two women’s siren song (you know who you are) but I strangely find myself cup in hand, taking that first and seemingly innocent sip. I’m already beginning to feel somewhat disconnected and my vision is somewhat blurred…OK nevermind…haven’t had coffee yet.

You really should go read this blog. I think it will be a fun interesting read for some time.