R&D in Opensource … a new site?

R&D in Opensource … R&D (Research and Development)

Not new, necessarily. ( New to me 😉 ) The first posts (I can find) date back to 05/16/2004 … but, active posting seems to have started in late August 2004. There seem to be 197 post, so far. A really cool site … great concept. Open Source Development and Documentation Project contains many examples of CMS, among other things, being used in all sorts of campaigns/projects.

Some of the projects being discussed there?

Using OpenSource Project to build better operating system for helping kids move from poverty to jobs

    The information I’m summarizing can be found at www.tutormentorexchange.net and www.tutormentorconnection.org, which is a constantly expanding library of knowledge intended to help people connect with kids living in poverty in long-term actions that result in kids born today starting jobs and careers 25 years from now.

My particular interst in this site stems from ‘CivicSpaceLabs‘ … the Dean Campaign spin off of their grassroots advocacy CMS.

One contributor to the project posted to a thread I started at OpensourceCMS.com. I really want to explore using CivicSpace in class projects.

The problem? Finding a way to implement it for class. Chanh, at OpensourceCMS, was very kind and tried to add it to the long list of CMS packages that they offer up as ‘test drive sites’. His experience was not successful re: Advokit (another CMS I’m interested in) … and, since CivicSpace is actually Drupal … with many plugins/modules added on.

From CivicSpace’s factoryjoe:

First of all, CivicSpace is based completelym on Drupal. We are currently at v0.7.1 which runs on Drupal 4.4.2. We are working to port CivicSpace 0.8 to Drupal 4.5.

Second, “CivicSpace” the software is primarily a collection of modules and themes whose purpose is the continuation of the original DeanSpace software: to help communities and organizations achieve their goals.