VotePair || Uniting Progressives Through Strategic Voting

Don’t know how I feel about this … I mean, regardless of what side you’re on, isn’t this wrong?

VotePair || Uniting Progressives Through Strategic Voting

They call it ‘vote pairing’, but it is ‘vote swapping’ … like that episode of “West Wing”. Remember? As in Donna Moss (Janel Moloney) says, ‘Hey, Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese (Christian Slater). I voted for the wrong guy here. Would you vote for mine so they will cancel each other’s out?”

Only here, they are manipulating the election.

I don’t know. And, it is frightening that I remember that episode so well, isn’t it?

From the ‘’ site, ” … If 600 voters who cast ballots for Nader in Florida had instead voted for Gore, and 600 voters who cast ballots for Gore in Texas had instead voted for Nader … ”

See how it works.