Multimedia Production? This is for you!

Radio … not FM, not AM, … the ‘broadband’ kind.

It may all be found in ‘Convergence Chaser‘ at the Poynter Online website:

1. Despite the increased awareness and fuss around satellite radio, the new force in audio services is Internet radio. The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Gwinn looked at the issue, which this Chaser spotted in the Los Angeles Times, a Tribune Co. property:

2. Internet radio maybe testing group for new formats. A very brief item from Radio and Internet Newsletter caught our attention. It seems that media owner Bonneville has announced that it will simulcast its popular [an Internet station] over an AM dial in Washington DC next year.

3. Speaking of the future. CNET took a look at those “future of radio” issues raised by the departure of Howard Stern to Sirius satellite radio, which we love by the way, the rise of Web-based broadcasting and development of devices like the iPod. Here’s a sound byte: