HYBRIDBUZZ.COM – One Year Anniversary

Well, I missed the one year anniversary of Hybrid Buzz.

But, what the heck … better late than never, right?

After one year (and a little longer) with his blog and car, life continues for Pete Blackshaw and his Honda Hybrid. (See earlier post here.)

The latest post is:

Thursday, October 14, 2004
Latest Update

Here’s the latest on my hybrid car. I’m drafting a long note to Honda about my overall experience. I hope I can offer some useful advice on everything from customer satisfaction processes to dealer/manufacturer communication. Honda is a good company, and I suspect their heart is in the right place, so I hope they’ll fully internalize my input. In the meantime, I order a new set of license plates from the State of Ohio. Regretably, I’m just not comfortable keeping the “Mo Miles” plates on my car. More on this later.

Well, can you blame him? But, he has kept a positive outlook on the whole thing.

Other posts? Check out: “Poster Child” Taken To Woodshed. Pete gets taken to task by a former TV newsman, Bob Lawrence. Bob now writes HybridDriver.com. That site’s frontpage is, among other things, a link farm for the “hybrid koolaid-sipper” set. OK, just my opinion, Bob.

Ya’ see, Bob saw a news story from a CBS reporter (Anthony Mason) and didn’t like it. Pete happened to be the focus of that story. Being the ‘old pro’, Bob wants to set the reporter straight by offering a critique of his story and story crafting skills. Bob offers up a little ‘hybrid ad hominem’ by suggesting that Pete owns a Hummer. (Read that, “I bet Mrs. Blackshaw wears mink coats. I’m callin’ PETA.” And, he may have stuck his tongue out when he said it. I don’t know.) Oh, boy. Yes, Bob says Pete’s a sinner.

Bob, self annointed as the ‘hybrid spokesperson’ says, “Let me be their poster boy this time.” So, we’re ready to receive the ‘word’ from the former newsman. Uh, well – maybe not. With all the vigor of a ‘true believer’, Bob attempts to be humorous and set Pete on the ‘straight and narrow’. You know, help the boy out. He’s obviously a young-un. Did anyone see the Will Ferrell film, “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”? OK. Mostly, Bob talks about how he met Dan Rather once. Hey, now that’s somethin’ ain’t it!

Poor Pete. First it was a bum car. Now, it is a bum rap.


“Poster Child” Taken To Woodshed
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Today a friend forwarded me a link to a website where I was labeled by the editor of HybridDriver.com as the “poster child for the disenchanted”. The author (the editor) also took Consumer Reports to task for test-driving hybrids at “near tip-over speed” to prove that the don’t get the advertised miles. To be clear, once again: I have not lost faith in hybrid-technology. I have issues with how the advertisers set expectations about the fuel-efficiency of such vehicles. Even to this day, Honda still sets unrealistic expectations with consumers about the potential mileage, still dedicating messaging to the very faulty EPA estimates that everyone in the industry (but not regular consumers) know to be way off the mark. That’s my issue. Plain and simple.

Hybrid Buzz is the story of a simple, ostensibly insignificant Hybrid (gas + electric) automobile, purchased in October 2003. Narrated by the proud owner, Pete Blackshaw, this blog covers the car’s life journey from early conception via internet pre-shopping research and online discussion boards to driving experience through the streets, freeways, and public imagination.

Early on, Pete reported that “what struck (him) most was how absolutely fanatical the Hybrid car owners were about the car.”

Bob, I really think Pete has a right to point out misrepresentations in advertising. Don’t you? It seems he’s found some. It isn’t as if he’s making it up. Right?

I’m guessing that with Bob, just like with Pete’s car, “mileage may vary”.

Take care, Pete. I hope that this works out in the long run for you. I still enjoy your blog. πŸ™‚ Now, where’s the book? πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “HYBRIDBUZZ.COM – One Year Anniversary

  1. Pete Blackshaw

    Belated thanks for your comment. Media keeps tracking me down on this crazy story. One of these days Honda will reach out to me and at least say “Hey, sorry we let you down.”

  2. Robert

    Thanks Pete.

    Maybe Honda should greet you on the morning of December 25th with such a messsage … say, a ‘new’ Honda in the driveway! πŸ˜‰

    Happy Holidays


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