blogging, branding & tulips – panaceas?

One of my favorite ‘string’ of sites all emanate from one person … Constantin Basturea … Yesterday, I found a funny post there.

From Constantin Basturea at “PR meets the WWW” we learn that Shanti Braford has been to the mountain top (Doc Searls) and seen the tablets of hugh macleod … it is then that we learn “branding is dead”. And, the ‘blog’ did it.

Yes, we can ‘overstate’ the power of blogs, can’t we.

Stepping back for a minute. Don’t worry. I’m a sucker. I’ll dive back in right away.

The ‘seduction’ of the blog. Seduction by blog.

An interesting, but frustrating, conversation thread that has been flying around lately – ‘branding is dead’

Here is just a ‘sampling’ of the threads … in no order, because – well, the thread(s) don’t have it … why should I try …

First, there is 10/21/2004 Entry: “Is branding dead?”

Then, try out “hey, robert (scoble), branding is dead, which is why it’s just conversational now.”

And then, Scoble responds, “Hey, Doc, branding isn’t dead, it’s just conversational now”.

Always with a response, we find that Doc Searls responds – ‘blanding’.

The ‘gapingvoid’ offers this, after hugh “branding is dead” macleod reads doc’s response.

Steve Rubel’s post, Why Apple Employees Will Blog in Revolt is answered by – uh, gee … an , “Apple blogger” and also … Doc: where are the apple bloggers?

One of the best responses? Steve MacLaughlin has, perhaps, the best comment, ” Steve thinks this is nuts. He says “tulip fever is back”. By that he means the dot-com crash failed to cure amnesia, and we’re back at it again.” (From Doc Searls, Linux Journal News Notes)

This, from Rubel’s blog tells me there are others that haven’t sipped the koolaid.

In this discussion, the blog is the tulip. Or, more specifically, the “speculative frenzy” going on about blogs and ‘conversations’.

“Ambitions, desires, and dreams breed a grand deception–and as the lies multiply, events move toward a thrilling and tragic climax.” (from a review of the book Tulip Fever)

Who is going to write the ‘Bonfire of the Blogs’? ‘Blog Fever’?

Update: Probably the the best take on this is from Seth Godin (November 14, 2004). Thank you. Rational thought is good, isn’t it.