The Bach Door: Why not to hire PR people or agencies

He’s got a point … the profession that is supposed to ‘communicate, inform and persuade’ and ‘create mutually beneficial relationships’ hasn’t done a good job of it ‘re: what is PR’ and ‘what does PR do’ … I’ve been guilty of this. How about you? Now, I could say that this is partially what I pay the PRSA hundreds of dollars in fees for, but – I won’t. 😉 ‘Cause, we represent the profession by our actions. Their representation can’t undo bad deeds.

The Bach Door: Why not to hire PR people or agencies

    Whenever I read something like this — and, if you follow the PR trade, you read something like this fairly often — I can’t help but think….

    If one of the reasons to hire a PR staffer or agency is to get people to better understand whatever it is that you do, why is it that so many PR people persistently whine that their business is so misunderstood? I think that if I were ever in the market for hiring a PR staffer or agency, I’d Google (or is it “google?”) ’em to find out if they’d ever uttered one of those Rodney Dangerfield-like “We don’t get no respect” pronouncements. If they had, I’d never hire them.

I found Pete Shinbach’s post, through this one: | archives: Pr Professionals Say Their Field Is Misunderstood
“it’s Not Just Who Has The Prettiest Brochure,” Says One Of The Alchemy Award Winners.

Wisconsin State Journal :: BUSINESS :: F1
Thursday, October 21, 2004
Elizabeth V. Gross For the State Journal

Area public relations professionals gathered Wednesday night to honor public relations as an important and innovative profession.

The third annual Alchemy Awards, hosted by the Madison chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, presented 20 awards and a $1,000 student scholarship.

The Best in Show award went to Pacific Cycle for their campaign “The Rebirth of Cool: The Schwinn Sting-Ray Rides Again.”

“A lot of people have misconceptions with what PR is about,” said Steve Busalacchi, director of public relations for the Wisconsin Medical Society, who won last year and submitted again this year. “It’s communicating a message to the public. Sometimes people think PR puts a spin, it’s not like that, PR helps the organization communicate more clearly.”

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