Steve Rubel: Micro Persuasion Endorses John Kerry for President

Via Poynter Online: Posted by Steve Outing 2:29:01 PM

A Blogger’s Endorsement

PR blogger Steve Rubel has endorsed John Kerry for U.S. president. He made the pronouncement yesterday, in what I suspect will become a trend among bloggers to make their views known and to influence others.

Due to his popularity, and his ‘celebrity’, in the PR and blogging world, Rubel’s ‘coming out’ is noteworthy.

Micro Persuasion: Micro Persuasion Endorses John Kerry for President

I have shied away from any significant discussion of politics on this weblog, but after seeing Fahrenheit 911 over the weekend, watching the debates and thinking about it a lot, I now feel compelled to officially endorse John Kerry for President.

The first statement ‘before’ his continued rationale for the decision?

The Kerry-Edwards team lists all their media endorsements on their weblog, but they should also expand this to include at least a list of the bloggers who have officially backed the ticket. After all, this is the same party that opened up its convention to the blogging community, right? Listing weblog endorsements is the next natural step.

The skeptical might say Rubel is ‘link phishing’. It is a stunt.

Others will say that he is simply pointing out the obvious. Blogs have influence and people are reading them.

Rubel, whatever his rationale (which I believe is genuine), is engaging in the ultimate ‘blogging’ experience. Stating his opinions. Which is good. šŸ™‚

One thing I am sure he realized is -‘his’ endorsement would cause a ‘stir’. Which it has. Rubel is good. Really good. And, to see that Steve has a sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously, see this. He is a good sport. I read his blog all the time. It is always insightful. I learn from it.

Will this have an effect upon Rubel’s professional life? Might he have clients that don’t want him to be ‘taking sides’ when their businesses could suffer from the ‘pronouncement’ of Rubel’s ‘politics’?

Well, look at his comany’s client list. Rubel is Vice President, Client Services at CooperKatz & Company. One thing we can probably rest assured of is, Rubel talked to management (Andy Cooper and Ralph Katz) before going ahead with this announcement.

OK, back to the politics issue and endorsements. You will note that I do not ever let you know my political leanings. Why? Because it clouds the message. What message? All of the other things we talk about in class. I think many of you would be surprised to know my true political leanings. But, I’m not telling. šŸ™‚ And, you know, I doubt it would have any influence on your decision. What I will say is: Vote!

What do you think? Blog about it. If you wish, state your preference in this election. If you don’t wish to, tell us why. There are no ‘correct’ answers in this discussion, ok!

I almost said ‘right’ answers, but that would be ‘wrong’, wouldn’t it. šŸ˜‰ OK, you’re right. I need sleep.