You have to see this – “Shelley’s Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog”

The Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog

David Weinberger has posted links to ‘The Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog’ …. Yea!

This is great … just what we’ve been looking for! A site that pulls together post/articles/etc. on ‘what blogging is’ … ‘ what blogs are used for’ … ‘ the dynamics of blogs’ … ‘how to’ … ‘what not to’ … Let’s just imagine the possibilities.

Meet Shelley.

Shelley has opened her kitchen (weblog and wiki) to all comers. They combine “to provide an overview of weblogging, the nuances and the ins and outs” (David’s words) – plus, it is ‘interactive’ … you can join the ‘community’ and contribute – even ‘learn’! Now, this IS a cool idea.

And, Shelley is ‘putting on a clinic‘.

Daily Menus

See Clinic:Schedule for detailed breakout of topics

October 25th: Smart Mobs? Or just Mobs
October 26th: Here come de Cooks!
October 27th: Frying Spam
October 28th: The Stylish Webber
October 29th: Slice and Dice
October 30th: The Kitchen Tools
October 31: Halloween Open House!
Whatever anyone wants to write about as long as its legal and doesn’t get the host busted
November 1: Beyond The Kitchen Tools
November 2: Biting that which can bite back
November 3: Movable Feast
November 4: Weblogging Themes
November 5: Salt and Pepper

Thank you, Shelley! (And Dave!)