Content Management for the Masses

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OJR article: Content Management for the Masses

You don’t have to be rich to run a stalwart news site
Ben Sullivan
posted: 2001-06-28

Plain text e-mail is arguably the greatest publishing tool of the last decade. That’s because whether it’s produced by a one-man shop or international media conglomerate, the results look pretty much the same. And that puts the emphasis back on the content itself.

That same empowering spirit is now entering content management systems (CMS), software once reserved for deep-pocketed news organizations to post, update and archive their stories and artwork on the Web.

Some recent announcements by CMS providers signal particularly good things for the small publisher or lone journalist looking to enhance (or establish) their Web presence. If the current trend continues, low budget news sites soon could enjoy systems that rival the best money can buy today.

Until then, publishers working on the cheap have several approaches available to them. None is perfect, but each has some compelling tricks up its sleeve.

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