PRSA Session on ‘Blogs’ at Int’l Conference

After some ‘prodding’ (gently and well-intentioned) by B.L. Ochman (who wrote about it, but did not ask for the session) and the International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) who asked for the session (plus, a little ‘back-n-forth’ over at Steve Rubel’s blog) – (did I leave anyone out?), there is movement by the PRSA — a “Workshop (has been) added to the PRSA International Conference!”

“Straight Talk about Blogs and PR”
Tuesday, October 26

In public relations, blogs can either be your best friends or your worst enemies — sometimes both! Members from the International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) present three very different views on blogging and public relations. Learn about how blogs work, how they can hurt you, how to influence them and how to manage the time and toll they require.

Steve O’Keefe, executive director, Patron Saint Productions
Tulane University professor of Internet public relations

B.L. Ochman, director and blogmaster

Steve Rubel, vice president
CooperKatz & Company, blogmaster

How interesting that it was ‘blogs’ that seem to have helped ‘encourage’ the change of heart and go with the session after “another was cancelled”. Ah, the power of blogs.


One thought on “PRSA Session on ‘Blogs’ at Int’l Conference

  1. Rebecca

    It’s great that PRSA included blogs in their conference. I attended the PRCA conference last month and there wasn’t even a mention of them. I was a little disappointed, however, I was also proud. Maybe I had embarked on something that hasn’t made it big yet in the PR profession. Then again, maybe blogs are well-known, just not in Alabama. Anyway, maybe next year we can suggest a seminar on blogging. It gives me a great idea to ask Michael Tullier about. Better yet, maybe Auburn’s chapter of PRCA could do a little seminar themselves on the importance of blogging.

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