Jeremy Pepper gives some POP! to your blogs!

Hey Students!
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As I shared with you recently, Jeremy Pepper, of “The birth of POP! Public Relations“, has been checking out your blogs. Well, now he has commented on them and shared some insights. Go check it out. And, you can visit his company website, too.

He even gave you a little ‘job reference’ by encouraging his readers to visit your blogs and consider you for any openings they may have! Now, how about that!

Jessica and Tricia, you both received the only direct references to your blogs. Remember, these references are intended to be friendly. So, Tricia – don’t unleash Otie on Jeremy, ok! Oh, and he’s also commented in Lyndsey’s ‘Blog’ and Margaret’s, too.

I want to thank Jeremy for taking the time to check out your blogging efforts. His time and advice are a valuable gift to you. I hope you will heed his PR related advice and comments!


3 thoughts on “Jeremy Pepper gives some POP! to your blogs!

  1. Jeremy

    Thanks for the kind words. I was thinking that I probably should either do another post of what some of the other students are doing – a follow-up post – but I’ll do that in a month.

    I pinged about 12 different PR bloggers, hoping that they pick up the piece in a good karma move.

  2. Robert

    Thanks Jeremy! That sounds great. I like having the students thinking that “someone is watching this” as they blog. It will reinforce the reality that, as you put it, nothing disappears from the internet. And, I think your comments will finally strike a nerve so they’ll see their blog as a networking tool, too. Thank you.

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