PODvertisement? “Adrants: U2 Promotes New Single In iPod Ad”

Pretty cool, actually. I like it better than the previous award winning iPOD silhouette ads. There is a link to the commercial at the end of this post.

What is one sign that PODcasting can become more than a ‘fad’. Does this trend have legs? Jeff Jarvis is all over the story.

BuzzMachine… by Jeff Jarvis
Oct. 2nd: I’m setting the record straight because it’s the good and proper thing to do and because I will be writing about podcasting shortly.
Oct. 4th: Podcasting and the future of everything
Oct. 6th: I’m hoping to hear podcasting. … It’s a bit too vague and speculative for my taste. I didn’t hear about podcasting, so I asked about it. (is this speculation about podcasting and phones working together? now that would be interesting.)
Oct. 8th: Podcasting will arrive: Much buzz about the new platform for radio.

And, just how prominent is iPOD in Apple’s corporate marketing plan? See Forbes: The IPod In Perspective

It’s clear how important the device has become to Apple’s bottom line. In the fourth quarter of 2002, the first quarter during which Apple broke out iPod sales from the rest of its product lines, sales of the player accounted for only 3.67% of sales. Two years later, it accounts for nearly 23% of sales.

Apple now makes more from its top line from iPod sales than from any single line of its computers. By revenue, the PowerBook notebook line is Apple’s second most important product, accounting for $419 million, or just less than 18%, of sales for the quarter.

And, from Malaysia’s ‘star-online.com’:

iPod Sales Up

According to new reports, Apple’s iPod player sales have gone up by a phenomenal 500 percent.

Since its 2001 launch, iPods have accounted for up to 50 percent of digital music player sales.

Apple also reported a net profit of US$106 million for their fourth quarter this year, as compared with US$44 million for the same quarter last year.

“We are thrilled to report our highest fourth quarter revenue in nine years,” CEO Steve Jobs said.

So, it is easy to see ‘why and how’ Apple is willing and able to incorporate such a high profile band in this ‘branded’ advertising. (The ‘silhouette’, it seems, has become clearly identified with Apple iPOD. Is it the Coke ‘red&white wave’, MacDonald’s ‘arches’, or the Nike ‘swoosh? I don’t know. (Uh, no.) But, it does speak to the success of the ad campaign.)

See the ad:

Adrants: U2 Promotes New Single In iPod Ad
U2 Promotes New Single In iPod Ad
We love getting tips from our readers and this one especially caught our attention. Submitting a new Apple iPod commercial, the sender wrote, “I’m not sure if this is worthy of publishing… it doesn’t involve boobs, sex, or smarmy ad execs, but it is interesting.” We pondered for a moment over whether that was a compliment or insightful commentary into our questionable editorial morals. We thought for a moment and accept both gleefully as fair comment.

That said, Apple has partnered with U2 to promote its new single, Vertigo by creating a iPod silhouette ad with Bono and the silhouettes doing their usual gyrations to the tune of U2’s new creation.